1193 Highway 51
Wesson, Ms 39191
Tel 601/643-9035

Porches Sunday Luncheon
12th, 2020

Salad Plate
Fresh Garden Salad
Spinach & Red Apple Salad
Turnip Green Soup

Creole Fried Catfish
Mexican Enchiladas
Chicken Salad Croissant
Stockyards Choice Aged Ribeye
Down Home Chicken & Dumplings
Trout in the Style of the Miller’s wife
Baked Pit Ham, City Style
Poppy Seed Chicken
Pow Pow Shrimp

 Buttery Summer Squash     
Lemonade Green Bean  •  Porches Hot Pineapple
Candied Sweet Potatoes  •  Baked Potato Casserole
(Choose two)

Our Homemade Yeast Rolls

Choice of Desserts
Chocolate Cobbler      Chess Pie
Porches Bread Pudding with Almond sauce

Iced Tea & Coffee

Pow Pow Shrimp
Fresh large gulf shrimp seasoned, tossed in corn flour and deep fried.
Tossed in our spicy comeback sauce and served over a bed of lettuce.

Stockyards Choice Aged Ribeye
Our traditional cut of 21 day aged Choice rib loin, seasoned with Kosher salt
and cracked black. Pan seared in a cast iron skillet and finished to your
preference in a super hot oven,

Creole Fried Catfish
A large filet of Mississippi catfish, soaked in a buttermilk,
Creole mustard with seasonings. Rolled in corn flour
and deep fried in peanut oil to a golden brown
$ 16.95

Chicken Salad Croissant
Our homemade chicken salad served on a lightly toasted butter croissant

Baked Pit Ham, City Style
A   Black Oak pit ham baked in pineapple juice Finished with
a Dijon mustard, brown sugar and gingersnap glaze.
$ 16.95

Down Home Chicken & Dumplings
All white meat chicken slow simmered and finished with heavy cream,
butter and our made from scratch buttermilk dumplings.
$ 15.95

Poppy Seed Chicken
Our all white meat chicken, diced and baked in a poppy seed sauce.

Mexican Enchiladas
Our homemade Mexican style enchiladas baked in a spicy sauce
covered with cheese.

Trout in the Style of the Millers Wife
A  fresh Ruby Red trout spilt and de-boned. Dusted with our Destin flour and
pan seared in olive oil and butter. Finished with a Lemon and Caper sauce.
$ 18.95

Please note that we use PEANUT oil for frying.
Effective September 1st, 2009 we will no longer accept Debit or Credit Cards
However, we will gladly accept your personal check

Children 12 & Under  
Any entrée – Childs Plate Half Price     Chicken Tenders & Fries  $6.95
Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or
eggs* may increase your risk of food borne illness.